The Nikon i-TTL & CLS Flash System

Learn how to use Nikon's innovative wireless flash system.

If you own one of the current range of CLS compatible Nikon Speedlights and are looking to improve your knowledge of how they work in order to get the most out of them, this is the ideal workshop for you. You will learn about on and off camera techniques for single and multiple flash and how to balance exposure with available natural and artificial light sources.

Nikon Speedlights are renowned for their high performance, consistency and reliability. However, many people find it a struggle to understand how to operate them and fully utilise their effectiveness. This flash training workshop will take the mystery of out flash control and open up countless opportunities to exploit their image making capabilities. It will help you build confidence in Speedlight operation; showing you how to make better use of a single Speedlight both on and off-camera and by the end of the workshop you will be able to set-up and configure multiple Speedlights in a full Creative Lighting System (CLS) configuration.

We start with camera settings for flash synchronisation, moving quickly on to identifying functions, buttons and settings on each of the current models in the Nikon Speedlight range. Through a mix of demonstration and practical hands-on assignments, you will try-out and use the best techniques for direct and indirect flash, balancing available and Speedlight light sources and the use of diffusers, umbrellas and effects filters to modify the light.

The workshop builds during the day with the more elaborate set-ups for portraiture and product photography taking place towards the end. All the way through, you will have plenty of scope to ask the questions that are specific to your equipment, your area of interest and your photographic aspirations.

This is an in-depth workshop which covers the subject in a thorough and intense way that you will find highly rewarding. We strive for a friendly relaxed atmosphere were the emphasis is on learning, sharing and inspiring!

You can book this workshop either as a private session (for up to two people) — with customised content and duration — or as a full day workshop with below program. For the full day workshop, we need a minimum of 3 or 4 participants (depending on the location).

Program Summary

  • Start: 09:00
  • Morning session
  • Lunch Break
  • Afternoon session
  • End: ±18:00


  • Single strobe usage
  • Multiple strobe usage
  • Setup of camera and flash as commander
  • Setup of flash as remote unit
  • Use of the Creative Lighting System (CLS)
  • TTL and manual flash modes
  • Sync cord usage
  • Light diffusion methods (umbrellas, domes, etc.)
  • Outdoor fill-flash methods
  • Bounce flash
  • Slow-sync flash
  • Rear-curtain sync flash
  • Coloured gel usage
  • Flash output level compensation

What to Bring


  • Nikon CLS compatible camera
  • At least one lens
  • Nikon CLS compatible speedlight(s)
  • Fully charged batteries + spares
  • Memory card


  • Tripod
  • Your own light stands and light shaping items

Booking Information


  • Upon request
  • Private Session: €40/hour + €0,45/km for travel cost/time. For durations of 4 hours and up, discounted pricing applies.
  • Day Workshop: €125 per person (€50 deposit)
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Private session: 1 or 2 participants
  • Day workshop: 3 – 12 participants
  • Fitness: n/a


  • Coffee/Tea
  • Electronic copy of the workshop presentation
  • Direct learning from a professional photographer and instructor in an intensive hands-on environment
  • Reduced size class for personal attention, regardless of skill level


  • Transportation
  • Lunch

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